RDL & Associates Client Services

RDL & Associates, LLC was formed by Dave Ladd in 2011 to assist clients seeking solutions to public policy issues, strategic communications and grassroots engagement. We contribute strategic advice as an expert consultant to our clients, including; message development, strategic communications advice, grassroots advocacy and online outreach for a wide range of organizations.

RDL & Associates also assists clients in program and project design with a focus on establishing new opportunities for their customers or members via the building of strategic alliances and cross-sector coalitions.

With 20 years of background and expertise in public policy development and analysis, as well as experience in the public and private sectors, RDL & Associates President Dave Ladd  has an understanding of the issues and the ability to manage projects to achieve client objectives.  His unique blend of experience is an asset that benefits his clients on numerous levels.  He has a broad range of contacts at the federal, regional and state levels and he has developed relationships with key leaders in production agriculture, the renewable energy sector, agribusiness, financial institutions, state and federal government and Capitol Hill.

RDL & Associates is committed to providing quality service to ensure successful outcomes and results for clients.


Relationships are the cornerstone of success. RDL & Associates has the experience necessary to develop the relationships your organization needs in the policy arena. Our years of experience have allowed us to build the ties needed to guide your organization through the policy landscape, create an effective rapport with legislators and stakeholders and direct you to the policymakers who can help fulfill your organization’s goals. RDL & Associates has the credibility and skill to help you build the personal links required in the modern policy process.

Government Relations

Our company is exceptionally skilled at providing clients with advice on how to navigate the bureaucracy in Washington, D.C., as well as at the state and local levels of government Whether you are looking to tackle a specific legislative issue or are simply interested in developing stronger relationships with key legislators and government entities, RDL & Associates can formulate and implement a strategy to help you achieve your objectives. By analyzing issues, developing arguments, and offering hands-on attention to help you achieve your goals, RDL & Associates is equipped to provide lobbying and consulting services targeted to all of your organization’s policy interests.

Strategic Counsel & Crisis Management

During the most challenging and sensitive business circumstances, how an organization responds often governs the extent of damage to its reputation. RDL & Associates provide strategic and tactical counsel to corporations, small business, and ad hoc organizations who would like to increase or alter their profile or who need honest, informed guidance in solving a specific political or public perception issue.

Project Management

RDL & Associates assists clients in the development and implementation of programs or projects designed to create new opportunities for their customers or members. Our extensive background in the private and public sectors benefit our clients’ in the development and facilitation of strategic planning for organizations seeking to examine its structure, mission, or programs. We are also experienced in identifying issues and assisting in reputation risk management.

Coalition Building & Grassroots Mobilization

Lobbying alone cannot ensure that your message will be heard in Washington, D.C. or the State Capitol. A broad-based demonstration of public support through grassroots mobilization is a key component of a successful campaign.  In the modern legislative environment, businesses and organizations need to adapt and be more effective in getting voters and local citizens to advocate issues to Congress and the Administration on their behalf.

RDL & Associates political insight and experience in coalition building and grassroots mobilization is unrivaled by any other firm. We specialize in the development of themes and messages capable of building active public awareness of your efforts. RDL & Associates can utilize our strategic alliances to build coalitions, mobilize stakeholders and engage like-minded individuals, and gain earned media. Our goal is to identify targets and to communicate with them directly and effectively to ensure our clients’ success.

Campaign Consulting

In the campaign arena, there is no prize for second place. At RDL & Associates, we recognize that the hallmarks of an effective campaign are organization, discipline, a relentless focus on strategic objectives, and sound implementation of tactics. We offer a full range of communications, issue advocacy, and political consulting services. All political campaigns are multifaceted, and candidates must have a well-targeted plan to touch each voter. To succeed, campaigns require a solid plan, effective targeting, successful fundraising, and an understanding as to the utilization of social media platforms. Campaigns are not a “one size fits all” endeavor, so we develop a precise strategy to fit each candidate.

Private Coaching

In addition to the broad range of consulting and strategic services offered by RDL & Associates, private coaching is available to individuals or organizations who seek intensive training in the art of lobbying, and the utilization of digital media platforms. Participants will benefit from Dave Ladd’s 20+ years in and around the policy and political process and will gain insight into strategies and tactics for effectively delivering their message.

Contact Information

Dave Ladd, President
RDL & Associates, LLC
(651) 247-5458

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