What Others Are Saying About RDL & Associates

Client Services

For information as to how RDL & Associates can assist your organization with its government relations, strategic communications and coalition building needs, please contact Dave Ladd at (651) 247-5458 or via e-mail at daveladd66@gmail.com.


“Dave is a principled colleague with extensive government relations and communications experience. His authentic communication style is demonstrated by positive results in political campaigns, issue campaigns and coalition building. Dave’s experience and network translates into effective interactions with producer groups and throughout local, state and federal regulatory and legislative bodies.”

Jake Hamlin, Director, State Government Affairs, Cargill

“Dave does a wonderful job of both engaging those in government to ensure they understand evolving issues and building coalitions amongst like minded organizations. He keeps both those in government and allied organizations well informed on the legislative landscape. Dave is someone others seek out for advice. He would be an asset to any firm seeking an experienced government affairs executive.”

Mark Kennedy, Congressman, U.S. House of Representatives

“Dave has extensive insights into federal policy matters. His result oriented advice on policy related actions is on target and straightforward. His dedication and commitment to his client is unsurpassed.”

Bob Lefebvre, Senior Vice President of Industry Relations at Midwest Dairy Association

“Dave is a personable and reliable expert on agri-business issues and the rural economy.  He’s someone we turned to frequently for advice and recommendations on those issues.”

Tom Steward, Media Relations & Production at Utmost Media

“I have found Dave’s extensive experience in the political process and the development of public policy – coupled with his straightforward approach in providing candid feedback – to be an asset to my campaign for Congress.”

Lee Byberg, Candidate for Congress

“I’ve known Dave for many years. He has always been knowledgeable in the area of governmental affairs as it affects rural America and is proficient in communicating the impact of policy, building consensus and developing strategy.”

Lori Weaver, Communications Consultant and Digital Publisher, FtG Marketing


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