Three Ways Social Media Will Make or Break 2012 Election Campaigns (via AdAge Digital)

Twitter and Facebook as tools that topple governments? We’d have laughed off that idea a few years ago — but the “Arab Spring” protests prove that social media ignites (and spreads) passion and outrage better than any other communication vehicle. Social media will have a similar game-changing effect on the 2012 elections — in fact, any candidate or issue campaign that expects to succeed needs to make social engagement a critical part of their strategy, or they’re doomed to fail.

Television doesn’t have impact it once commanded. The next occupant of the White House isn’t going to get elected solely because of a brilliant social-media strategy — but without such a strategy, candidates will not be able to enter a dialog with the majority of swing voters.

Social media made some inroads in the 2008 election, with the Obama campaign using Facebook to build volunteer donor networks and activate the base. In three short years, however, social media has evolved so dramatically, and become so pervasive in daily life for most likely voters, that the fledgling tactics deployed in 2008 look positively ancient. Here’s why social media now has the power to make or break campaigns.

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