RDL & Associates and Connolly Kuhl Group Launch “Fortune 500 Access” Service

RDL & Associates, in conjunction with the Connolly Kuhl Group, has created an innovative new service allowing Minnesota small businesses and trade associations the same public affairs support utilized by of national organizations & Fortune 500 companies. 

This new service allows the members of participating organizations access to a Washington D.C. based lobbying firm to investigate and advocate for their company’s specific issues and concerns with Congress and the Administration.  The service is coordinated by a trusted local contact that will work with each business to understand their needs, develop a strategy and oversee its execution. In addition to advocacy, this service could include semi-annual in-person presentations to participating organizations as well as a monthly newsletter with the latest updates from D.C. 

A participating organization would receive up to 20 hours of Public Affairs consulting.  These hours can be utilized by the individual organization or business to advocate for broad priorities or utilized by individual members.

Also availble is monitoring of media mentions of your organization and top issues through one easy platform.   You will receive daily or weekly emails filtering the news that’s important to you and your members from a platform that constantly monitors over 130,000 news sources including television and radio stations in 210 Direct Marketing Associations (DMA’s) within the United States, 15 international markets and over 20 million blogs.

In addition, we can assist leaders and organizations with little to no digital media experience get into the habit of effectively utilizing these platforms – as well as facilitating an understanding as to why these communications channels are critical in today’s environment.


Strategic Planning

Building the foundation of a successful public affairs campaign means combining all efforts under one strategic message and goal.  We work with our clients to define their goal, develop their message and implement a strategic plan that utilizes every advocacy tool available.  

Government Relations
We have developed a proven method of working with and navigating the obstacles of all levels of government. We understand the internal and external workings of governmental agencies and how to best achieve our client’s legislative and policy objectives via strategic communications, message development and interaction with elected officials and their staff. 

We are seasoned in deconstructing complex issues and distilling messages to their base elements so that policymakers view our clients as the last and best source for information.

Coalition Building
Effective public policy and communications strategies begin and end with the ability to build and enhance relationships, with access to information being a critically important commodity.  We will build a coalition to help support your initiatives, products, and services – an essential element for a successful product launch or public policy campaign. We identify and work to develop the dialogue with third parties to lend credible support and build momentum for our clients.

Grassroots Marketing & Mobilization
Grassroots engagement in the pursuit of legislative success is critically important.  We work with our clients to build a powerful organization from the ground up and create strong alliances ensuring our clients gain momentum and strength for their advocacy campaign. We identify, recruit, educate and mobilize third-party stakeholders to become advocates for our clients.

Media Relations

We combine both traditional and digital media outlets to bring our clients message to the public and policymakers. Whether it’s a crisis situation or launching a new product or initiative, we will develop a media strategy that delivers the results our clients expect.

In addition, we assist leaders and organization with little to no digital media experience get into the habit of effectively utilizing these platforms – as well as facilitating an understanding as to why these communications channels are critical in today’s environment.

 For more information regarding the “Fortune 500 Access” Program, please contact Dave Ladd at daveladd66@gmail.com.



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