Client Spotlight: Wisconsin Dairy Business Association

The Dairy Business Association of Wisconsin is a statewide organization, of dairy producers, vendors, allied industry partners, and professionals actively working to assure that dairy producers, large and small, remain an active, thriving part of Wisconsin’s economy, communities, and food chain. DBA is dedicated to being proactive in helping to create and protect consistent water, environmental and waste management regulation.

DBA’s mission is:

To Promote the Growth and Success of all Dairy Farms in Wisconsin by Fostering a Positive Business and Political Environment.

Vision & Goals for the Dairy Business Association:

•To facilitate the growth and modernization of dairy farms in the state of Wisconsin
•To improve the image of dairy farms
•To educate the public and elected officials about the value of dairy operations
DBA was founded to form strategy and create action—around these goals—to keep the dairy industry a vital, thriving part of the Wisconsin economy.

•Formed to help preserve Wisconsin as America’s Dairyland by actively encouraging the growth and modernization of all types of dairy farming…large or small, traditional or modern
•Also, to actively promote the economic and environmental contributions made by farms and to seek consistent enforcement of environmental laws within agriculture
We want to be proactive in “Keeping the Dairy Cows in Wisconsin”

Additional information regarding the Wisconsin Dairy Business Association can be accessed by visiting


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