What is the FedState Network? (Fred Starzyk, Aronnax Public Strategies)

Editor’s Note: As a member of the FedState Network, RDL & Associates works with Aronnax Public Strategies to identify and enhance public affairs opportunities for organizations and businesses at the state, regional and Federal levels of government.  This partnership allows for a creative team-based approach that is cost efficient and tailored to the needs of individual clients.

This week’s “Guest Commentary” is provided by Fred Starzyk, Principle with Aronnax Public Strategies.  Please contact Dave Ladd, President of RDL & Associates, at daveladd66@gmail.com if you would like to discuss opportunities for effectively managing your organization’s political capital.

What is the FedState Network?

The FedState Network from Aronnax Public Strategies (APS) provides clients with a combination of federal advocacy from APS and state-based advocacy from some of the most influential and respected regional government and public affairs firms in the country. Collaboration between federal and state government affairs teams creates enhanced opportunities and efficiencies, providing clients a true team effort approach when it comes to their government relations needs.

As federal representatives, the APS team has long recognized the importance of state-based advocacy as part of a client’s overall government affairs strategy. State lobbying and federal lobbying are not mutually exclusive. The teams created through the FedState Network represent the future of an integrated government relations strategy.

Advantages to the FedState Network include:

•Regular newsletter and issue updates discussing Congressional,
Administrative and Political trends.
•Identification of often overlooked opportunities through federal and state collaboration.
•Alerts of state solicitations, federal grants or procurement opportunities.
•Coordinated projects and responses to joint proposals.
•Ability for state clients to use Capitol Hill resources during lobby days in Washington, D.C.
•Opportunity for state clients to use APS resources for meetings on Capitol Hill.
If you are looking for a federal and state government affairs solution,
APS’s FedState Network is your answer.

Current members of The FedState Network:

The Vaquer Firm LLC
Atlanta, GA

Idaho Policy Advisors
Burley, ID

Kelley Cawthorne
Lansing, MI

RDL & Associates, LLC
Woodbury, MN

The Talon Group, LLC
Jackson, MS

New Mexico
The Setter Group
Albuquerque, NM

Puerto Rico
Orlando Gotay
San Juan, PR

South Carolina
McKay Public Affairs
Columbia, SC

Maguire Strategies
Austin, TX

The Gaston Group
Williamsburg, VA

Government Policy Solutions (GPS)
Madison, WI

About the Author:

With almost 20 years of legislative and political experience both at the federal and state level, Fred Starzyk brings an intelligent and innovative approach to lobbying and grassroots advocacy.  An analytical and intuitive government relations professional, Fred has extensive experience in achieving organizational goals and developing and implementing successful legislative, political and
fundraising programs.

Fred is an APS Principal and the driving force behind the concept of the FedState Network.


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