Developing a Government Relations Game Plan

Traditionally, companies and trade associations begin considering their government relations planning for the upcoming year during the 4th quarter of the current year.  The organizations that do so want to be well-organized, with a solid government relations game plan that can be activated as the situation warrants.

This includes preliminary groundwork within the legislative and executive branches of government so that elected officials and regulatory decision makers are well aware of the organization, as well as its mission and agenda, prior to full implementation of the government relations plan.

Although 2014 may seem a while away, within the public policy arena, it is not.  Organizations that wait until January to begin drafting their government relations plan often begin their engagement in the legislative and regulatory arenas at a disadvantage.  A strategic and tactical government relations game plan allows for an organization to effectively hit the ground running when Congress and state legislatures convene early in 2014.

If your company or organization has been giving serious thought as to the management of your political capital in 2014, RDL & Associates would welcome the opportunity to assist you in the development of your government relations plan for the upcoming year.   We specialize in government relations, policy development and analysis, strategic communications, message development and delivery, coalition development and online outreach.

State lobbying and federal lobbying are not mutually exclusive and the strategic partnerships developed by RDL & Associates allows for seamless legislative representation for our clients.

Working with our strategic partners, including Aronnax Public Strategies LLC (headquartered in Washington, D.C.), we have the capacity to integrate federal and state lobbying and public affairs services in a bipartisan fashion so as to provide cost-effective government affairs strategies for our clients.

Our collaborations provide for a true team approach and create additional opportunities and efficiencies for our clients.  Combined, our firms have over sixty years of legislative, regulatory and political experience.   As such, RDL& Associates provides a distinctive advantage at the federal, state, and local level.

Developing such an effort does not have to be cost-prohibitive.  The fee structure of our can be negotiated so that it best reflects the work expected of RDL & Associates and your organization’s internal budget for such work.

If you think RDL & Associates might be helpful in developing a government relations effort for your company or organization, we would welcome the opportunity to speak with you and your colleagues as your schedules permit.

Please contact Dave Ladd, President of RDL & Associates, at (651) 247-5458 or via e-mail at


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