Al-Corn Clean Fuel: Frequently Asked Questions

What is Al-Corn Clean Fuel?

Founded in 1994, Al-Corn Clean Fuel is a farmer-owned ethanol production cooperative located in Claremont, MN. The cooperative was created when depressed corn prices drove local farmers to seek new opportunities to add value to their corn crop.

What is the business model of Al-Corn Clean Fuel?

Similar to other cooperatives, members of Al-Corn Clean Fuel invest financially but also agree to deliver a quantity of corn determined by their investment in the business. This “corn commitment” has been a key contributor to success of the cooperative.

How much ethanol does Al-Corn Clean Fuel produce on an annual basis?

Annually, Al-Corn Clean Fuel grinds 17.5 million bushels of corn and produces 50 million gallons of ethanol.

What co-products are produced by Al-Corn Clean Fuel?

The Claremont plant produces 132,000 tons of high protein livestock feed, 12 million pounds of corn oil and 70,000 tons of beverage grade carbon dioxide

The majority of these products are consumed by refiners, livestock feeders, meat packers and biodiesel producers throughout Minnesota.

What allows Al-Corn Clean Fuel to add value for members?

Al-Corn Clean Fuel’s unique cooperative model has allowed for development of a firm business foundation based on success, a strong cash position and investments that add value for members and their communities and resulted in competitive returns.

Has Al-Corn Clean Fuel been successful in reducing energy Consumption?

Al-Corn Clean Fuel continues to utilize the best available control technologies in order to reduce energy consumption and production costs while at the same time increasing efficiencies and reducing emissions.

The Al-Corn plant has reduced water consumption to less than 2.4 gallons of water per gallon of ethanol and was the first plant to achieve “zero liquid discharge”. In addition, energy conservation efforts have reduced the plant’s energy use by more than 35% compared to the original plant design.

For additional information regarding Al-Corn Clean Fuel, please contact Randall Doyal at or visit


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