Introducing “DROP”; The Newest Way to Enhance Digital Marketing


Traditional media and digital media are always interconnected, with mainstream media relying on digital media for fact checking, identifying sources for their own stories and extending the reach of their news coverage. Digital media has a “Ripple Effect” and allows for persuasion and recruiting outreach to be coupled with sustained contact and mobilization.

The rise of digital media has fundamentally changed the way companies and organizations connect with new and existing stakeholders. Outlets such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter have altered the landscape of communications – and have created unprecedented ways to target a message to a desired membership or customer base.

What is DROP?

Millions of people now receive their news online. DROP is a new and exciting way to market, since your market will come to you. This innovative network marketing method changes how digital marketing is done. RDL & Associates, in conjunction with our strategic partners, will  utilize your company’s marketing materials and couple them with internet stories that are related to your industry. In doing so, we make your piece the top comment on that story’s comment board.

Hundreds of thousands of people can see the story, thousands will “LIKE” the story and all those who like the comment will see your message. This will help you find new clients, build a grass-roots marketing campaign and helps with brand awareness.

We also employee a team of internet gate-keepers, which will protect you from individuals or organizations on the internet who choose to harm your brand by posting negative comments and articles that could harm the reputation of your company or organization.

Should you choose to do so, your company or organization will also have the ability to go on the offensive. Our team will monitor your competitors marketing messages and counter them with relevant stories and posts.

For a free trial, please contact Dave Ladd with RDL & Associates at (651) 247-5458 or via e-mail at

To learn more about the strategic communications services offered by RDL & Associates, please visit

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