Al-Corn Clean Fuel “Quick Facts”: Member Patronage (1996 – 2015)

Since its founding in 1994 with an initial membership base of 50, Al-Corn Clean Fuel now has approximately 470 members who recognize the value of diversifying their operation.

Similar to other agricultural cooperatives, members of Al-Corn Clean Fuel invest financially but also agree to deliver a quantity of corn determined by their investment in the business. This “corn commitment” has been a key contributor to success of the cooperative.

The cooperative was created when depressed corn prices drove local farmers to seek new opportunities to add value to their corn crop. Since 1996, Al-Corn Clean Fuel has generated over $201 million in earnings (after tax) and distributed almost $164 million in cash to its members, an average of 81.3 percent. In addition, members have received $18 million in tax credits.

For the past two decades, Al-Corn Clean Fuel’s model has allowed for development of a firm business foundation based on success, a strong cash position and investments that add value for members and their communities and resulted in competitive returns.

Bar Chart – Patronage Paid (1996 – 2015)

For additional information regarding Al-Corn Clean Fuel, please contact Randall Doyal at or visit


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