Client Spotlight: Al-Corn Clean Fuel Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Al-Corn Clean Fuel, a farmer-owned ethanol production cooperative located in Claremont, MN, recently celebrated 20 years of successful operations. The event was held at the Four Seasons Building on the Steele County Fairgrounds in Owatonna, MN.

“A key element for success has always been a willingness to engage in strategic partnerships, to work with others in the renewable fuels sector” said Rod Jorgenson, Chairman of the Board for Al-Corn Clean Fuel.  “This approach is one of the pillars upon which Al-Corn’s success has been built and the cooperative will continue to collaborate with others in the industry in order to seize market opportunities as they arise.”

The direct benefits to the members of Al-Corn have also benefitted local communities. By processing over 226 million bushels of corn, the cooperative has raised the local price of corn for every farmer in the area, which has helped support land values and rents in the region. Since its founding, Al-Corn has become a significant economic driver, having paid over $3.2 million in property tax to the City of Claremont, the local school district, and Dodge County.

“As the membership of Al-Corn looks to the future, the standard that guides the cooperative is the same as it has always been: dynamic growth to protect and enhance the value of processing so that all members benefit. In doing so, Al-Corn members can be assured of a successful and profitable business for years to come” said Al-Corn CEO Randall Doyal.

Founded in 1994, Al-Corn Clean Fuel is located in Claremont, MN.  The initial investment by Al-Corn members was for facility planning and construction.  Today, members purchase shares so that they can deliver corn and participate in adding value to their corn crop via processing.

For additional information regarding Al-Corn Clean Fuel, please visit


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