RDL & Associates and Aronnax Public Strategies Agriculture Practice

If your company or organization is giving consideration to enhancing your current efforts or developing a management plan for your policy and political capital, RDL & Associates would welcome the opportunity to assist you in developing a game plan for success. 

A strategic and tactical communications and government relations plan allows for an organization to effectively hit the ground running at the federal, state and local levels of government and across business sectors.

The partnership between RDL & Associates and Aronnax Public Strategies (APS) works with state affiliates in 22 states, Puerto Rico and the United Kingdom.

With reauthorization of the Farm Bill approaching in 2018, discussions are currently underway in Washington and within State Capitols about what that bill should look like.  Coalitions are being formed, policies are being considered and strategic planning by stakeholders is well underway. 

There will again be a broad range of issues under consideration, including (but not limited to); commodity support programs, payment limits, biotechnology, conservation compliance, utilization of risk-management tools, federal dairy policy, agro terrorism, food safety, and nutrition programs. 

In addition, policymakers will debate issues regarding business development and retention, transportation infrastructure, technology (including telecommunications), availability of credit, education, housing and health care as they develop agriculture policy and craft the next farm bill.

None of the above issues, however, will be considered in a vacuum because the agriculture policy playing field is extremely complex.  Which is why it is important to have representation at both the State and Federal level of government. 

With over a quarter century of combined experience working within agriculture at both the State and Federal levels, RDL & Associates and APS provide a unique Federal and State government affairs service that is unparalleled.  This innovative services provides agricultural clients with the full range of Federal and State lobbying under a single, cost-effective contract.

Developing such an effort does not have to be cost-prohibitive.  The fee structure for our services can be negotiated so that it best reflects the work expected of RDL & Associates so that it coincides with your organization’s internal budget.

If RDL & Associates might be helpful in developing a government relations effort for your organization, we would welcome the opportunity to speak with you and your colleagues.

Dave Ladd, President of RDL & Associates can be contacted at (651) 247-5458 or via e-mail at daveladd66@gmail.com

We thank you in advance for your consideration.


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