Issue Update: Presidential Transition

Dave Ladd, President of RDL & Associates was a guest of KTLF Farm Director Scott Colombe following the election to discuss the incoming Trump Administration, trade, regulatory issues and prospects for select agriculture issues.
The interview is 9:29 in length and can be accessed here:

RDL & Associates: Strategic Communications Services

RDL & Associates, LLC assists leaders and organizations with little to no digital media experience get into the habit of effectively utilizing these platforms – as well as facilitating an understanding as to why these communications channels are critical in today’s environment.

RDL & Associates and our strategic partners have a background in research, message and content development, digital media, crisis communications, media relations and brand reputation management.  We assemble our team for a thorough review and assessment of your organization’s current communications strategy, including utilization of digital media platforms in conveying your messaging to target audiences.

Development and Coordination of Digital Media Platforms

Organizations have an interest in focusing their online activity and enhancing their profile via digital media platforms.  A common misperception of digital media is that it is optional.  Given the fact that these channels are literally “on” every second, taking an episodic or occasional approach will not work.  Their best use will require resources to implement, manage, and monitor them based on the individual platform’s strengths and weaknesses.

Digital media does not displace a good communications strategy but must be managed in concert with other activities and traditional tools.

RDL & Associates has a background in online outreach, message development and delivery, strategic consulting and grassroots advocacy.  We systemically review an organization’s overall messaging and communications strategies and generate ideas to enhance and accentuate the message and its delivery.

RDL & Associates provides general consulting services to organizations and businesses, including (but not limited to):

  • An audit of an organization’s current communications strategy, including utilization of digital media platforms in delivering messaging to target audiences.
  • Development and implementation of a strategic plan to enhance an organization’s visibility via digital media platforms.
  • Utilization and development of digital media platforms (e.g. Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook) to increase an organization’s visibility to internal and external audiences.
  • Development of a strategy to highlight events and seminars.
  • Integration of an organization’s website into digital media platforms utilized by RDL & Associates and our strategic partners.
  • Coordination regarding utilization of digital media platforms

Contact Information

Dave Ladd, President
RDL & Associates, LLC
(651) 247-5458


Al-Corn CEO discusses the history and economic impact of ethanol

Al-Corn CEO Randy Doyal speaks with John Hines of WCCO regarding the history of ethanol and the economic impact of ethanol plants on the local and state economy.

The interview is 13:18 in length and can be accessed here:


Client Spotlight: What do you know about Al-Corn Clean Fuel?

There is great value for agricultural producers in owning ethanol plants because the agriculture sector is not immune to the up-and-down cycles of the marketplace. Domestic and global market demands, weather, public policy decisions and the political environment are but a few of the variables that can impact a producer’s bottom line.

In 1994, when Al-Corn Clean Fuel was still an idea within a concept, the ethanol industry in the United States was producing approximately one billion gallons of ethanol per year. Fuel ethanol was a niche product at that time, finding its way into local markets. It was not in use much outside the Midwest and the total volume of ethanol being used amounted to less than 1 percent of the nation’s gasoline demand.

Fast forward to 2016 and you find that domestic use of ethanol in the United States gasoline supply is at a level of 10 percent. That means that practically every gallon of gasoline sold in the United States is a 10 percent blend with ethanol.

Al-Corn Clean Fuel has far exceeded expectations from when it started as a small, 10 million gallon per year plant.  Since its founding in 1994 with an initial membership base of 50, Al-Corn Clean Fuel now has approximately 465 members who recognize the value of diversifying their operation.

Since 1996, Al-Corn Clean Fuel has generated over $201 million in after tax earnings and distributed almost $164 million in cash to its members, an average of 81.3 percent.  In addition, members have received $18 million in tax credits.

Al-Corn Clean Fuel’s successful business model has allowed for development of a firm foundation based on a strong cash position and investments that add value for members and their communities.

Not only has the cooperative seen a five-fold increase in ethanol production, to 50 million gallons, it also adds value to members’ corn by turning it into renewable products, including dried distillers grains, corn oil, and carbon dioxide.

For two decades Al-Corn Clean Fuel has created a guaranteed and stable market for corn, maintained its strong position during uncertain economic times and made investments that have added significant value for its farmers and their local communities. 

By processing over 226 million bushels of corn, the cooperative has raised the local price of corn for every farmer in the area, which has helped support land values and rents in the region.   Since its founding, Al-Corn has also become a significant economic driver for the region and state of Minnesota, having paid over $3.2 million in property tax to the City of Claremont, the local school district, and Dodge County.

The standard that guides Al-Corn Clean Fuel is the same as it has always been: dynamic growth to protect and enhance the value of processing so that all members benefit.  The cooperative continues to seek ways to enhance product values while evaluating new co-products that will bring additional value to our members’ corn.

For additional information regarding Al-Corn Clean Fuel, please visit  You can also follow Al-Corn Clean Fuel on the following digital media platforms: