Media Release: Daley Farm Announces Expansion and Modernization

September 24, 2018

Lewiston, Minnesota – Daley Farm of Lewiston, a 6th-Generation family-run dairy farm located in Southeast Minnesota, has announced plans for an expansion and modernization project that includes construction of a new free stall barn for 3,000 dairy cows and a new milking parlor.  The current facility will house animals that haven’t yet entered the milking herd.

The project will also require additional alfalfa acreage, a highly nutritional animal feed which also aids in the prevention of soil erosion, increases nutrients in the soil, and provides organic matter.

“I am really excited about the investment my family is making on behalf of myself and my siblings” said Dylan DePestel.  “This project will allow for us to continue implementing best practices and up-to-date technologies that conserve natural resources and reduce energy consumption”.

“Our family has been an integral part of the community for decades.  The next generation who will carry forward our family’s legacy see this project as an opportunity to continue contributing to our local community while being good stewards of our land and water” said Gabe Daley, one of five cousins who have chosen to return to the farm after graduating from college.

“Daley Farm has always been open to the public and we look forward to continued engagement with the community on our new project” said Shelly DePestel, CFO of Daley Farm of Lewiston.

Founded by John Daley in 1859 with an initial purchase of 80 acres, the family and farm have been a mainstay of the local community for over 150 years.  The project will assist in passing on the farming operation to the next generation, thereby allowing the family-run dairy to continue operating for the long-term.


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